EMFUTUR is a high quality products and services supplier. Founded in Vila-Real (Castellón), Spain, in September 2001. Now we export and give services to more than 100 countries around the globe, and serve every day a wide range of customers from all industries always with huge strength with distributors and partners.

| Highest Quality |

EMFUTUR product quality emphases the significance of purest materials with uniform composition free of impurities for advanced research and production purposes. One of our main markets is Electronics, Pharma and Solar cells using Fullerenes and derivatives.

| Applications |
Electronics, Sensors and Actuators, Energy (storage and productions), Optical devices, Biomedical and Bionic, Drug delivery, Tissue Engineering Composite Materials, Abrasives, Catalysis and Photocatalysis, Magnetic Materials, Electromagnetic Shielding, Conductive Paints, Photonic Materials, Plasmonics, Pharma, cosmetics

| Scientific Papers |
Our Customer Scientist around the world have been using for years our Advanced materials for doing amazing developments in all industries: LINK

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